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phanvantuanvt09 Đăng lúc 23-9-2011 01:04:24
Lê Tư sinh ngày 1/10/1971, diễn viên hợp đồng của TVB. Lê Tư đóng vai phụ nhiều hơn vai chính, và rất nổi tiếng trong “Doome to Oblivion”. Đặc biệt, mới đây bộ phim "Cuộc chiến chốn thâm cung" đã làm nổi bật tên tuổi của cô. Ngoài thành công trong diễn xuất, cô còn thử sức trong lĩnh vực âm nhạc, đã phát hành một vài album.

Lê Tư xuất thân trong gia đình có truyền thống nghệ thuật, ông nội cô- Lê Dân Vỹ- người được xem là cha đẻ của nền điện ảnh Hồng Kông, còn người cô ruột- Lê Huyên- là nữ diễn viên nổi tiếng.

Năm 14 tuổi, Lê Tư bắt đầu làm quen với điện ảnh qua một vai nhỏ trong phim điện ảnh “Ma vui vẻ II”. Đến năm 1990, cô ký hợp đồng với hãng TVB đóng bộ phim truyền hình đầu tiên “Rồng trong ngục”. Liên tiếp những năm sau đó, Lê Tư hoạt động song song hai lĩnh vực phim ảnh và ca nhạc.

Cô đã từng tham gia nhiều bộ phim như: Thằng láu cá I, II; Tôi yêu chàng răng hô; Nộ hải cô hồng; Nhân viên điều tra; Thanh kiếm đồ long ...

Bộ phim "Cuộc chiến chốn thâm cung"đã mang lại thành công lớn cho Lê Tư. Trong số 4 nhân vật nữ chính của "Cuộc chiến chốn thâm cung", vai diễn nàng Ngọc Doanh của ngôi sao xinh đẹp Hồng Kông Lê Tư đã để lại ấn tượng mạnh trong lòng khán giả.

Thành công vang dội của bộ phim “Cuộc chiến chốn thâm cung” đã mang đến cho Lê Tư giải Nữ diễn viên chính được yêu thích nhất tại lễ trao giải thưởng thường niên của hãng TVB năm 2004.

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jianbin0901 Đăng lúc 1-9-2017 15:36:22
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BobbyCex Đăng lúc 16-2-2018 08:20:36
Throw three points isn't the whole garage everyday work, and don't ignore, Stephen curry is this team in assists along with steals, he averaged 6. 7 assists within the regular season, 14 inside the league and the playoffs stephen curry shoes is averaging 9. 3 assists because league the first! Let's imagine a picture, 40 minutes per game in the Treasury, attack launched dozens of times, there are always a number of ball he wasn't from the outside, but the basketball inside, attracted a dual... What will happen then? There was a man they can tell you the reply, curry shoes he called clay : Thompson, from the fantastic state warriors, he made there is much surprise 211 3-pointers, finished third within the league, and that 211 3-pointers, 68 comes from the assists of Stephen curry.

12-13 time of year to contrast the garage and ray Allen inside '05 -' 06 : Allen into 269 3-pointers, and they are the Seattle supersonics. In which year, Allen's 269 connected with 653 three-point shots, chance 41. 2%, as Stephen -- 272 of 600 pictures in his Arsenal, up to 45. 3%; That 12 months, Alan ball attack build 3 ratio is under a quarter, compared using 38. 6% in repository; That year, Allen's assists the phone number 3. 7, less as opposed to Treasury for three assists. So the outline, the image of an alternative 3-pointers hand lower the garage outline: he besides completed the sharpshooter history, his teammates for his or her creation of free-throw possibilities into; He will also look for opportunities concurrently, through the ball discovery, stopped for no allows 3-pointer of shots. Also, he also can complete assists, "create" another glass pitcher - clay - Thompson! Not merely can catch vote, will also urgent stopped, can create more opportunities to others, this star, unique! Now i am kd shoes afraid, just use "striker" two words are actually unable to define Stephen curry, should be in with any "great" rhetoric.

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BobbyCex Đăng lúc 16-2-2018 08:30:12
"I got accustomed to my evaluation, " curry remembered,kd shoes  "people said I had been too short, don't enjoy college basketball, then with the same reason that I can't play in the NBA. People do not think I can play shield, then said I am an excellent pure point guard, until October of not too long ago, I also found how the general manager of funny in my opinion as the league 3rd good shooting guard. I have not yet fully participate in their full potential, well, i set a higher standard to himself, committed to continuously improve to get more outstanding. "

"We've never met you are not curry shoes him so great shooting everywhere, " warriors coach indicate Jackson said, "and move, stop and go empty-handed, get hand, step back, knee, in the face involving two double forced to help......, any thought of filming mode, you can see he could be astonishingly. We have never ever seen anyone can attain this level, his Steve Nash (microblogging) played an increased level, the two-time MVP give, shooting is incredible, but it is equally a level. And his other like reggie callier, Chris mullin, such since dell and I played out together - Ellis, dell -- Arsenal, they are all fantastic striker, but these people didn't garage so thorough, this guy is absolutely no limit. "

Timer as well as dance, 6 minutes stephen curry shoes in addition to 30 seconds, Davis is doing everything we can to towards the garage, but still later step. Garage again to try and do a beautiful jumper - it may not be strictly jumper, his toe will be from the ground, under the condition from the body is still growing, use forefinger and middle finger touch to finish the hand. Treasury entire body slightly back. This not only makes his moves even more difficult to block, as well as between the ball and floor a great additional 10 degrees Perspective. NBA players to moment takes 0. 6 seconds usually, the garage from preparing action to dial the particular ball moves, it simply takes 0. 4 mere seconds. Fast to make up for that deficiency of the garage height, the ball well avoid the opponent blocking fly toward the basket in the operation, the look of garage is usually along with them. His arm still moves when the posture, and of his teammates has begun to be able to pose three gestures...

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BobbyCex Đăng lúc 7  ngày trước
Knight's technique clearly, today is to be able to cling to garage, will not give him any possibility, and Kevin durant is always individually with defense. But garage or under heavy defensive look for opportunities, such as experience stephen curry shoes low, he mobilized, use the other fear his edge ability garage easily obtained two points.

The last 80 seconds in the first half, durant had missed shots from outside, your basket three players are usually knights, including Thompson, lebron, subsequently, the Treasury rushed in to the basket from the prolonged position, unexpectedly the offensive rebounds in the knight encirclement! Then he or she points ball durant, who finished scores!

And the 2nd half, knight to defensive strategy looks like it's shaken, they don't have an excessive amount double again, help, interestingly, JR in 1 with 1 against Arsenal, and directly put your garage was pushed towards the ground.

Sure enough, the particular knight defensive shaken curry shoes soon after scoring started rising within his Arsenal, outside the 3-pointer by continuous, then he was given an opportunity to just like Kevin durant got chance within the first half. After three points within the database is still reach, he this section one bomb under the 14 points.

Today can be June 1, the time kd shoes could be the international children's day, it seems in the "primary school" is amongst the holiday today.

Small garage finish I rested most of the holiday to battle, he could be still the contribution on the brilliant stroke, but in addition pass a 3-pointer by means of Kevin durant. The past 3 minutes, garage off before schedule, because the sport had no suspense.

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